Headrest Mounts

Keep the kids happy on your next road trip!

Tablet Headrest Mounts are designed for entertaining backseat passengers with games, movies and more.

Universal Headrest Mounts

ClicOn universal headrest mounts attach firmly to the headrest poles of your vehicle and provides the perfect base for mounting your tablet or iPad. This is the safest location for mounting rear seat entertainment devices. The headrest mounts have been tested with the most stringent USA and EU automotive industry crash tests.

There are four sizes of universal headrest mounts that fit to the headrest poles that have a measurement range of 95mm minimum inner and a maximum outer of 211mm  and once installed provide the AMPS hole patterm mounting plate for mounting device specific iPad/Tablet holders or the adjustable iPad/tablet holders.

Before purchasing , measure the inner and outer distance between your headrest posts.


Volvo Headrest Mounts

These mounts are designed for Volvo vehicles only and once installed provide the AMPS hole pattern mounting plate. When ordering please check the vhicle list as these mounts are more vehicle specific.

Vesa Profile Headrest Mounts

These mounts are attached to the headrest the same way as the universal mounts, to the headrest poles. The Vesa profile mounting plate is able to fit directly onto any monitor with the Vesa mounting profile of 75mm x 75mm.

Porsche Headrest Mounts

These mounts are designed for Porsche vehicles only and once installed provide the Amps mounting platform.

Please note: Industry does not have an official standard mounting hole profile. ClicOn uses the AMPS pattern throughout our range of mounts and holders. The AMPS pattern is a series of four holes aligned in a rectangular profile. Some manufacturers use two of the four holes while maintaining the AMPS pattern spacing dimensions. The four holes are spaced at 30.mm x 38mm (1.181” x 1.496”) and the diagonal measurement at 48.5mm (1.912 inches).