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Complement Your Mini Lifestyle with Tailor-Made, Effortless Phone Mounts

Embrace the distinctive Mini spirit with our specially designed phone mounts, crafted in Sweden with the precision of CNC Robotics. These mounts blend seamlessly with the unique character of your Mini, providing a custom-fit solution that accentuates your car's iconic style. Free from the hassle of drilling or using adhesives, our mounts respect the originality of your vehicle, ensuring no damage to your beloved Mini.

Tailored for the Mini enthusiast, our phone mounts are designed for simplicity and ease of use. They come with clear, concise instructions, ensuring a smooth, tool-free installation that perfectly complements the Mini's interior. This approach not only saves time but also aligns with the practical yet stylish ethos of Mini drivers.

Our Mini phone mounts offer a secure and stable platform for your device, eliminating vibrations and ensuring it stays firmly in place. Whether you're navigating urban jungles or cruising coastal roads, your phone remains accessible and safe. Elevate your Mini driving experience with our sleek, reliable phone mounts, echoing the sophistication and flair of your vehicle.


Once attached to the dashboard, holders can be fixed to the mounting plate for a solid and secure fit.


Manufactured using CNC Robotics. The Mounts are designed to fit securely onto your car dashboard.


NO drilling holes, using glue or suction. NO vibration, NO popping off!


Easily self-installed. Instructions come with each mount. NO dismantling the dashboard is required.


Phones can be used when mounted to the dashboard firmly and securely.


One Year Warranty on all products purchased directly from HoldMyPhone or an authorised re-seller.

Mini Drivers: Elevate Your Drive with Premium, Mini-Specific Accessories from HoldMyPhone

For Mini enthusiasts, driving is not just about getting from A to B; it's an experience, a statement. Your Mini, known for its unique style and spirited performance, deserves accessories that match its distinctive character. This is where HoldMyPhone steps in, offering phone mounts that are not just accessories, but an enhancement to your Mini driving experience.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Mini

Mini cars are a blend of fun, functionality, and flair. Owners love their vehicle for its iconic design and agile handling. When choosing accessories, it's essential that they not only fit perfectly but also resonate with the Mini's playful yet practical nature. The right accessories should reflect the quality and aesthetics of your Mini, adding to its appeal without compromising its integrity.

Finding the Perfect Match for Your Mini

In a market flooded with generic accessories, it's important for Mini owners to select products that are:

  • Exclusively Made for Mini: Accessories should be custom-designed for Mini models to ensure they complement the car’s unique interior and style.
  • Built with Premium Materials: Durability is essential. Select accessories that will endure the test of time, just like your Mini.
  • Stylish and Functional: They should enhance the distinctive look of your Mini while being practical.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Choose products that can be easily installed, maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your Mini.

Why Mini Owners Trust HoldMyPhone

HoldMyPhone excels in providing superior phone mounts specifically designed for Mini cars. Here’s why HoldMyPhone is the go-to choice for Mini accessory needs:

  • Customised for Mini: Each product is tailored to fit your Mini model perfectly, ensuring seamless integration and a stylish look.
  • Superior Quality: HoldMyPhone uses high-grade materials, reflecting the same standards of durability and design Mini owners expect.
  • Easy to Install: Our products come with straightforward instructions and can be fitted effortlessly, without any need for professional assistance.
  • Enhanced Driving Pleasure: By focusing on design and usability, HoldMyPhone’s accessories amplify your Mini driving experience, prioritising both functionality and style.

Long-Term Value of Premium Accessories

Investing in top-quality accessories like those from HoldMyPhone can greatly enrich your Mini experience. They add to the convenience and functionality of your car, while also helping to maintain its value. Quality accessories are durable and designed to be in harmony with your vehicle, ensuring your Mini remains in pristine condition.

Mini Owners and HoldMyPhone

As a Mini owner, you appreciate the fusion of quality, performance, and style. This ethos should extend to the accessories you choose. By opting for HoldMyPhone, you align with a brand that understands the unique requirements of Mini vehicles. Upgrade your driving experience with the confidence of investing in accessories that are as dynamic and well-crafted as your Mini itself.