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Optimise Your Mazda Experience with Our Custom-Designed, Easy-to-Install Phone Mounts

Transform your Mazda's driving experience with our uniquely tailored phone mounts, precision-engineered in Sweden to harmonise with the distinctive style and quality of Mazda vehicles. These mounts are more than mere accessories; they integrate seamlessly into your car's interior, embodying the elegance and efficiency that Mazda owners appreciate.

Exclusively designed for Mazda models, our mounts ensure an effortless, tool-free installation process. Each product is accompanied by clear instructions, customised for a perfect integration into your Mazda's dashboard. This efficient method not only saves time but also complements the sleek, unobtrusive design philosophy of Mazda.

When fitted, our Mazda phone mounts provide a strong, stable platform for your device, eliminating vibrations. Drive with assurance, as your phone stays securely in place, enhancing both safety and convenience. These precision-made mounts, crafted for both durability and style, refine your Mazda driving adventure by keeping your device firmly attached, whether you're navigating urban landscapes or enjoying long drives on highways.


Once attached to the dashboard, holders can be fixed to the mounting plate for a solid and secure fit.


Manufactured using CNC Robotics. The Mounts are designed to fit securely onto your car dashboard.


NO drilling holes, using glue or suction. NO vibration, NO popping off!


Easily self-installed. Instructions come with each mount. NO dismantling the dashboard is required.


Phones can be used when mounted to the dashboard firmly and securely.


One Year Warranty on all products purchased directly from HoldMyPhone or an authorised re-seller.

Experience Mazda's Unmatched Quality with HoldMyPhone: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

For Mazda enthusiasts, who treasure the blend of elegance, efficiency, and innovation in their vehicles, choosing the right aftermarket accessories is essential. Mazda, a brand revered for its spirited driving experience and cutting-edge design, demands accessories that resonate with its ethos. In this light, selecting the ideal phone mounts becomes more than just a choice – it’s about enhancing the Mazda experience.

The Significance of Quality in Aftermarket Accessories for Mazda

Mazda has long stood for vehicles that are not just about mobility but also about an exhilarating driving experience, coupled with a sleek design. Mazda owners, known for their discerning taste, should opt for accessories that mirror these attributes of quality and aesthetics. Superior quality accessories guarantee not only a perfect match with the vehicle’s sophisticated systems but also contribute to maintaining its stylish interior and overall integrity.

Choosing the Right Aftermarket Accessories for Your Mazda

While the market offers a myriad of aftermarket products, it's crucial to select ones that enhance the unique characteristics of Mazda vehicles. Ideal accessories for Mazda owners should be:

  • Custom-Made for Mazda: Tailored specifically for Mazda models to ensure impeccable compatibility and functionality.
  • Crafted from Premium Materials: Ensuring durability and longevity, essential for upholding your vehicle’s value and performance.
  • Visually Complementary: Aligning with Mazda’s elegant and modern design ethos.
  • Simple to Install and Operate: Accessories should be user-friendly, maintaining the simplicity of the car’s design.

Why HoldMyPhone is the Preferred Choice for Mazda Owners

HoldMyPhone stands out as the go-to provider for premium Mazda-specific aftermarket accessories, for several reasons:

  • Advanced Engineering: Leveraging state-of-the-art CNC Robotics, HoldMyPhone’s products are crafted to meet the high expectations of Mazda owners.
  • Designed Exclusively for Mazda: Each accessory is conceptualised to complement your specific Mazda model, ensuring flawless integration.
  • High-Quality Materials: Reflecting Mazda’s commitment to durability, HoldMyPhone uses only the best materials, promising long-lasting use.
  • Effortless Installation: With easy-to-follow instructions, these accessories can be installed swiftly without professional assistance.
  • Enhanced Driving Pleasure: Focused on ergonomic design and user-friendliness, HoldMyPhone’s accessories enrich your Mazda driving experience, keeping practicality at the forefront.

The Advantages of Investing in Premium Accessories

Choosing high-quality aftermarket accessories from HoldMyPhone can significantly uplift your driving experience in your Mazda. These accessories not only enhance functionality and convenience but also play a crucial role in preserving the car’s value. Quality accessories are less likely to cause wear or damage, ensuring that your Mazda remains in pristine condition for the long haul.

For Mazda Owners

As a Mazda owner, you appreciate the fusion of quality, innovation, and design. It's vital that your aftermarket accessories reflect these values. Opting for HoldMyPhone means choosing a brand that understands and aligns with Mazda’s exceptional standards. Elevate your Mazda driving experience with the confidence of investing in accessories that are as high-calibre and well-designed as your vehicle itself.