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Revolutionize Your SC Series Drive with Elite Phone Mounts

Step into the world of the SC Series, where performance meets luxury in every curve and corner. To complement the unique driving experience offered by the SC Series, presents a collection of phone mounts that are as distinguished as your vehicle. Designed to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the SC Series, our mounts are the epitome of innovation and style.

Seamless Integration for the SC Series

Each phone mount is expertly crafted to align with the luxurious interior of the SC Series, using precision engineering and the latest CNC Robotics technology from Sweden. This ensures a flawless fit without compromising the vehicle's design or requiring invasive installation methods. Our mounts integrate effortlessly into your car's layout, maintaining its sophisticated appearance while offering unparalleled stability for your device.

Designed with the SC Series Driver in Mind

Understanding the discerning tastes of SC Series owners, our phone mounts are tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. The easy, tool-free installation process, coupled with vehicle-specific instructions, makes setting up your new mount a breeze, allowing you to enjoy a bespoke addition to your car's interior that is both functional and stylish.

Enhanced Safety and Accessibility

Our SC Series phone mounts do more than just hold your phone; they enhance your driving experience by ensuring your device is securely mounted and easily accessible. This promotes safer driving practices by minimizing distractions and enabling you to use your phone's navigation, entertainment, and communication features without taking your eyes off the road.

The Quality Promise of HoldMyPhone

At, we pride ourselves on offering premium accessories that match the quality and luxury of the SC Series. Our phone mounts are designed to not only complement your car's interior but also to advocate for the use of safe, high-quality phone holders. By choosing our products, you're opting for an accessory that enhances the driving experience and embodies the sophistication of the SC Series.

Experience the difference with our elite phone mounts, specifically designed for the SC Series. Visit to explore our exclusive selection and take the first step towards a safer, more luxurious drive.

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Centre Mount

With Pre-Drilled AMPS Pattern Holes

Key Features

  • Two-part Solution
  • NO Holes NO Drilling
  • Easy Install
  • Custom Design
  • Made in Sweden