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Drive with Confidence: Honda-Specific Phone Mounts for the Discerning Driver

At HoldMyPhone, we understand that Honda drivers appreciate the blend of reliability, innovation, and style in their vehicles. That's why we offer bespoke phone mounts, tailor-made for your Honda's unique dashboard. Crafted in Sweden using advanced CNC Robotics, our mounts are more than just functional; they're a testament to precision engineering and aesthetic harmony with your Honda's interior.

Honda owners value efficiency and elegance, and our phone mounts are designed to complement these virtues. The installation process is a breeze, requiring no tools, drilling, or adhesives. This means maintaining the pristine condition of your Honda's dashboard while adding an essential accessory for your driving needs.

Our Honda phone mounts stand out for their robust and secure attachment. Once positioned, they offer a steadfast and vibration-free platform for your mobile device, ensuring it remains accessible and stable, no matter the journey. Embrace a seamless driving experience with our specially designed Honda phone mounts, where convenience meets sophistication.


Once attached to the dashboard, holders can be fixed to the mounting plate for a solid and secure fit.


Manufactured using CNC Robotics. The Mounts are designed to fit securely onto your car dashboard.


NO drilling holes, using glue or suction. NO vibration, NO popping off!


Easily self-installed. Instructions come with each mount. NO dismantling the dashboard is required.


Phones can be used when mounted to the dashboard firmly and securely.


One Year Warranty on all products purchased directly from HoldMyPhone or an authorised re-seller.

Honda Excellence and Selecting Superior Aftermarket Accessories: Your Trust in HoldMyPhone

For Honda owners, who appreciate a blend of innovative engineering and practical design, selecting the right aftermarket accessories is essential. Honda vehicles, celebrated for their reliability and advanced technology, deliver a driving experience that balances performance with comfort. It's important for accessories like phone mounts to reflect these qualities, enhancing your Honda's functionality without compromising its design.

The Significance of High-Caliber Aftermarket Accessories

Honda's reputation for creating vehicles that are not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly, demands aftermarket items that align with these standards. Honda owners should seek products that not only complement their vehicle's technology but also its aesthetic. Superior quality accessories ensure seamless integration with the vehicle’s system, maintain its sleek look, and provide durable performance.

Identifying the Ideal Aftermarket Accessories for Your Honda

While the market offers a plethora of aftermarket products, discerning Honda owners need accessories that enhance their vehicle's inherent strengths. This involves selecting products that are:

  • Custom-Made for Honda: Accessories should be specifically crafted for Honda models to ensure an ideal fit and optimal functionality.
  • Built with Premium Materials: Long-lasting and robust materials are vital for sustaining your vehicle's value and efficiency.
  • Visually Complementary: They should align with the sleek, refined design of your Honda.
  • Simple to Install and Operate: Opt for products that can be effortlessly fitted without altering the vehicle's interior or exterior.

Why Opt for HoldMyPhone for Your Honda

HoldMyPhone emerges as a premier provider of top-tier aftermarket accessories, specially designed for Honda vehicles. Here are reasons to choose HoldMyPhone for your car’s accessory requirements:

  • Precision Engineering: Products from HoldMyPhone are developed with an acute focus on detail, matching the advanced standards of Honda vehicles.
  • Custom Design for Honda: Each accessory is tailored to enhance the specific model of your Honda, ensuring a flawless fit and integrated look.
  • Exceptional Materials: Emphasising durability, HoldMyPhone uses high-grade materials that endure, mirroring Honda's commitment to long-lasting quality.
  • Effortless Installation: Their products are accompanied by clear instructions for easy installation, making them accessible to all Honda owners.
  • Improved Driving Experience: With a focus on user comfort and functionality, HoldMyPhone's accessories augment your driving experience, ensuring practicality and ease of use.

The Extended Advantages of Choosing Quality Accessories

Investing in premium aftermarket accessories from HoldMyPhone can significantly elevate your driving experience in a Honda. These additions not only enhance the vehicle's utility and convenience but also contribute to preserving its value. Quality accessories are less likely to degrade or harm your vehicle, ensuring that your Honda remains in pristine condition for the long haul.

Honda Owners

As a Honda owner, you value reliability and innovative design. This ethos should extend to the aftermarket accessories you select for your vehicle. By choosing HoldMyPhone, you are opting for a brand that resonates with and upholds the high standards of Honda. Upgrade your driving experience with the confidence that you're investing in products that are as dependable and well-engineered as your Honda.