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Revolutionize Your CR-Z Driving Experience with Elite Phone Mounts

Step into the future with CR-Z and enhance your driving experience with the ultimate accessory - elite phone mounts from Designed exclusively for the CR-Z driver, our phone holders epitomize sophistication and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your smartphone is as seamlessly integrated into your drive as your car's hybrid efficiency.

Understanding the dynamic lifestyle of CR-Z owners, our mounts offer the perfect blend of stability and accessibility. Safely access navigation, music, and calls without compromising your attention or safety. Our top-tier phone holders are essential for anyone who values connectivity and convenience on the go.

Our installation process is tailored for the CR-Z, providing a perfect fit without the need for intrusive methods like drilling. These mounts preserve the integrity and aesthetic of your vehicle's interior, with a design that complements its futuristic feel. Follow our easy-to-understand instructions for a quick setup, and enjoy a mounting solution that feels native to your CR-Z.

At, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our phone mounts are built to withstand any driving condition, ensuring your device remains securely in place whether you're cruising city streets or embarking on adventurous road trips. With our mounts, your smartphone becomes a safe, accessible co-pilot on every journey.

Embrace the blend of innovation and style unique to CR-Z with our specially designed phone mounts. They're not just accessories; they're an enhancement to your driving experience, ensuring safety, convenience, and a touch of sophistication. Make the smart choice for your CR-Z and choose the quality and reliability of

Visit us today to explore our selection of CR-Z specific phone mounts. Transform your driving experience with our durable, stylish, and user-friendly mounts. Your adventure awaits, and with our phone holders, you're always ready to navigate it safely and stylishly.

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Console Mount

With Pre-Drilled AMPS Pattern Holes

Key Features

  • The Mount without a Holder
  • NO Holes, NO Drilling
  • Easy Install
  • Custom Design
  • Made in Sweden