iPhone 5S with Griffin Survivor Case

iPhone 5S Holders for Griffin Survivor Cases

Protect and utilize your iPhone 5S to its fullest potential with our specialized iPhone 5S phone holders and iPhone 5S car phone holders, specifically designed for phones encased in the robust Griffin Survivor Case. Ensure your device stays safe and accessible no matter where your travels take you.

Features of Our Specialized iPhone 5S Holders

Our iPhone 5S holders are engineered to accommodate the unique size and protection needs of the Griffin Survivor Case, providing:

  • Custom Fit: Tailored to perfectly house your iPhone 5S while in its Griffin Survivor Case, ensuring a secure and snug fit without compromising on protection.
  • Superior Stability: Built with durable materials that withstand vibrations and shocks, our holders keep your iPhone 5S steady and secure during rough drives.
  • Full Port Access: Designed to allow easy access to all device ports and buttons for hassle-free charging and connectivity while encased.
  • Adjustable Viewing: Flexible mounting options provide the best angles for viewing your device, enhancing your navigation and communication experience while driving.
  • Easy to Install and Remove: Attach or detach your iPhone 5S quickly from the holder, perfect for drivers who need efficiency alongside durability.

Diverse Holder Options for Every Driver

Choose from a wide range of iPhone 5S car phone holders designed for optimal use with Griffin Survivor Cases:

  • Dashboard Solutions: Securely mount your iPhone 5S on your dashboard for easy access and steady viewing.
  • Windshield Mounts: Utilize strong suction cups to keep your iPhone 5S in sight without obstructing your road view, ideal for using your GPS or receiving calls.
  • Air Vent Clips: Clip your phone to your car's air vents for close-up access and minimal distraction, maintaining a cool temperature for your device.

Our holders are designed to meet the needs of the modern Australian driver, providing safety, comfort, and convenience.

Why Opt for Our iPhone 5S Holders?

By choosing our iPhone 5S holders, you are selecting a product that not only protects your device in a Griffin Survivor Case but also enhances your driving and mobile user experience. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style with our tailored iPhone 5S holders.

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