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Device Holders

ClicOn offers a comprehensive range of holders which are high on quality and low in profile. All of the holders come with a built-in tilt swivel that can rotate 360 degrees and adjust the holder 15 degrees in any direction for optimal viewing. The range includes holders from non-powered, to units with integrated power solutions.

All ClicOn holders fit perfectly with the vast choice of ClicOn mounts available.

No drilling, no vibration, no popping off!

Types of ClicOn Holders

While there are variants of the holder, depending on the device specifications, there are generally three basic types that are available across the range:

  1. Passive Holder
    • A non-powered holder designed to hold your device securely in a horizontal and landscape position.
    • Plug-in chargers and portable hands-free can still be used when your device is placed in the holder.
  2. Active Holder with Cig-Plug
    • A powered holder designed to hold your device securely in a horizontal and landscape position.
    • Built with a 12/24 volts plug-in charger, the holder connects power to your device using the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, or in some cases, USB outlet.
    • Simply place your device into the holder and connect to power: your device will keep fully charged.
  3. Fixed Install Holder, Molex System (to be hard-wired)

    • A powered holder designed to hold your device securely in a horizontal and landscape position.
    • The integrated power cable has an in-line 12/24 volts power regulator that allows connection directly to the vehicle’s power system. Output 5 Volts 2 amps.
    • The assembly can also provide power & charge to a second mobile device using  Molex Adapter Cables.
    • Simply place your device into the holder and  your device will keep fully charged.


You will find a full list of holder types available for your particular device when you follow the drop-down menu.

How do I fit a ClicOn holder into my car?

Select a ClicOn mount that is available for your particular vehicle. You will find these under the Mounts section.

All ClicOn holders attach to all ClicOn dashmounts and headrest mounts by following these instructions (which come with the holder):

  1. Loosen the screw in the centre of the holder so you can remove the tilt swivel attaching plate on the back of the holder;
  2. Place the attaching plate in the desired position on the dashmount or headrest mount. Screw the attaching plate into place with the enclosed screws;
  3. Place the holder over the attaching plate, aligning the attachment screw in the holder with the attaching plate. Screw the holder onto the attaching plate, taking care to not over-tighten the attachment screw;
  4. Done!


Please note that tablets are generally larger and heavier than other mobile devices, so care and thought should be taken when deciding whether to mount a tablet on a dashmount on the dashboard.  For this reason, the manufacturer does not extend the warranty to include tablets mounted on the dashboard.


Is this ClicOn mounting system legal?

Yes! When you use a ClicOn holder and ClicOn dashmount kit you are complying with the driving rules for mobile phones, in every state and territory of Australia.


What is the product warranty?

12 month warranty applies to products purchased directly from Neovox Pty Ltd or an authorised re-seller. During this warranty time if the product is defective in workmanship or materials Neovox will replace or exchange it for a model of equal value. Damage caused by improper care, accident, unauthorised repair or modifications are not covered under this warranty.