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There is more to ClicOn than the holder and mount. In this category are the accessories to help you get the most from your ClicOn solution and some tips to get you started.

Useful Tips

My partner and I have different phones and share one car. If you want to use different holders and share one mount look at the ClicOn Multi Moove Clip.

We want to put a headrest mount and tablet holder in the car for the kids but worry about leaving it in the car. Use the Quick Release Tablet Mounting Adaptor which lets you easily slip the holder on and off of the headrest mount.

I like the position of the mount for my dashboard, but would like to have it just a bit more angled towards me.

Use a ClicOn Angled Plate that fits between the holder and the mount. There is a 10° or a 15° plate to choose between:

What creative solution have you come up with to customise your ClicOn solution?