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ClicOn Angled Mount

SKU: 653157

This Dashmount has been custom designed to fit your vehicle's dashboard without damaging your interior.

Designed for mounting ClicOn holders. ONE Part of a TWO Part Solution. Installation instructions provided.


Attention! Read all instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the ClicOn.

It is very important to place the ClicOn exactly as shown in the pictures.

  • 1. Press the thin ends of the enclosed gap openers into the gap between the dashboard and the frame surrounding the control panel to widen the gap. Place the gap openers approx. 10 cm apart. Peel off the cover of the adhesive tape on the ClicOn.

  • 2. Press the curved edge on the right part of the ClicOn into the gap between the control panel and the surrounding frame. Align the upper edge of the ClicOn with the gap in the control panel. Press the ClicOn leftwards so the curved right edge hooks into the gap.

  • 3. Press forwards on the left side of the ClicOn so the left edge hooks into the gap between the gap openers. Pull the ClicOn slightly upwards/downwards so you feel it is in place. Pull out the gap openers.

  • 4. The ClicOn is in place.

Additional Information

Brand ClicOn