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ClicOn Passive Holder with Key Lock

SKU: 539491

A Holder designed to hold your device firmly and securely in position.

Designed to be mounted onto a ClicOn dashmount. ONE part of a TWO part solution.

  • Microsoft Surface PRO
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2


The Tablet/Surfpad Holder is designed to hold your device firmly and securely on the back of the Headrest using the ClicOn Headrest Mounts. These Holders will also fit onto our Pedestal Mounts, Dashmounts and Wheelchair Mount etc, or form part of your own solution.

  • The holder is also suitable for retail stores and exhibitions where security is important.
  • Built-in Key Lock with two two keys supplied.
  • The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel, allowing it to be easily rotated from a vertical to landscape position. Once in position the holder can be adjusted to avoid light reflection.
  • The device can be easily removed and stored away or taken with you.
  • Plug-in cigarette chargers can still be used when the device is placed in the holder.
  • Manufactured in ABS Plastic.
  • One Year Warranty.

Please Note: Mounting of a Tablet/Surfpad onto a ClicOn Dashmount is always done at the customer’s own risk. Consideration should be given to the position and how firmly the dashmount holds the weight of a Tablet or Surfpad.

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