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ClicOn Heavy Duty Suction Mount

SKU: 215712

With predrilled AMPS-standard mounting holes for mounting any ClicOn holder.

  • ClicOn
  • Details

    This Windscreen Suction Mount has been designed to accomodate any ClicOn Holder.

    • AMPS hole mounting profile. The suction mount  base can accomodate the tilt swivel mount plate on any ClicOn holder.
    • All ClicOn holders are equipped with a tilt swivel, allowing it to be easily rotated from a horizontal to landscape position. Once in position the holder can be adjusted to avoid light reflection.
    • A powerful suction pad attaches this mount to car, truck, van and SUV windows.  Quickly move device unit from vehicle-to-vehicle or location-to-location
    • Powerful suction pad attaches to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface including windshields, windows and two-way mirrors.
    • Adjustable vertical motion; knob locks arm into place
    • Suction pad is 3.4" (86.4mm) in diameter.
    • The maximum weight recommendation is 3lbs. (1.36kg)
    • Made from ABS plastic.
    • One year warranty.

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    Brand ClicOn